Terrorism and Social Media 

An International Conference

Swansea University Bay Campus
25th-26th June 2019 


Who? Where? When?

The TASM conference will bring together a range of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, from a number of different countries and disciplinary backgrounds.

It will feature a total of two keynote presentations from leading experts, and attendees will also have the opportunity to choose from a total of 24 breakout sessions featuring 72 other speakers. The conference will be hosted at Swansea University’s new £450m Bay Campus on 25-26 June 2019

About TASMConf

The first day of the conference will focus on how terrorists are using social media. The overarching objective will be to gain a deeper, empirically-grounded understanding of terrorist groups and lone actor terrorists.

Day two will focus on questions of response, including comparisons between different forms of response and different jurisdictions and cultures, and considering what criteria should be employed as evaluative standards. Day two will conclude with the conference dinner and a discussion with representatives of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

Have an idea for a research project?

All conference attendees will have the opportunity to register for an additional, one-day event on 27 June 2019, at which teams will work together to produce collaborative proposals for short-term projects that seek to address the challenges identified during the conference. The winning proposals will receive up to £15,000 of funding to take the projects forward

Extend Your Stay

For those who would like to extend their stay in Swansea, on the morning of Friday 28th June we will be organising an excursion to Rhosilli Bay on the Gower peninsula. This is a chance to continue discussions from the conference and for further networking, as well as to enjoy the stunning scenery!

As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users

There are 22 virtual communities with more than 100 million active users

Approximately 350,000 tweets are posted on twitter every minute

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